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Add-on Packages

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The following add-on packages are available for the DSpaceDirect service in addition to the standard features included in each DSpaceDirect subscription plan. If you wish to subscribe or receive further information, please contact us.

To learn more about how you might use DSpaceDirect at your institution, read about what other customers of DSpaceDirect are doing.

Title Available with Subscription Plan Price
Content Migration Package

Content Migration Information Sheet (PDF) Assistance with content migration; availability and price dependent upon amount and location of content. Migration is available for any version of DSpace, or for systems which provide metadata/objects similar in nature to DSpace. 

, , please inquire for custom one-time quote
Custom URL Package

Enable your DSpaceDirect account to be available via your institution’s URL (e.g. Note this requires that you be able to manage your institution’s DNS or request changes of your institution’s DNS as well as provide a valid SSL certificate.

, , $275 (one-time setup cost)
Enhanced Submission Process Package

Enhanced Submission Process and Metadata Information Sheet (PDF) Customize your DSpaceDirect account’s submission process and metadata to better suit your organization’s needs. Specific enhancements could include customizing the metadata entry forms, reordering submission process steps, enabling optional submission processes such as assigning a Creative Commons license to particular items and/or assigning advanced embargoes, and defining different submission processes for one or more collections.

, please inquire for custom one-time quote
LDAP and Location Based Authentication Package

Request specific location-based authentication to limit access to content by user IP address (such as on-campus vs. off-campus access).

, , $530/year
Extended Support Package

Access to customer support ticket system for support needs, questions, and other issues.

, , $1,050/year